FCC is a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a mainline Protestant denomination of about 700,000 members.  Its beginnings go back to the American frontier and several Scottish Presbyterian ministers who reacted against the use of creeds and dogma for admittance into the church.  Disciples, then and now, believe that people are welcomed into the church by a simple confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and that then they are given great liberty to live that faith out in a way that is consistent with their conscience and reading of scripture. 

“What will the worship experience be like at FCC?”  Generally speaking, the service will be traditional in nature, yet in a casual atmosphere.  There will be hymns, prayers, a biblically-based sermon relevant to today, and Holy Communion at an open table (meaning all followers of Christ are welcome.  The elements are passed in the pews most Sundays).  

“How should I dress?”  At FCC, you will find that people dress in all kinds of ways—jackets, sweaters, slacks, golf shirts, dresses, pants & blouses, even jeans.  Dress in a way that is comfortable to you, and we will be glad to have you in our church and to welcome you.

“What will my children do during worship?”  For preschoolers and younger, FCC has a nursery staffed by two trained and paid nursery workers.  School-aged children are welcome to be a part of worship with you and to use the children’s packet to draw and color during the sermon, if they want.

“Where are you located?”  The church is in downtown Meridian at the corner of 24th Avenue and 13th Street, about a block from Anderson’s Regional Hospital—1301 23rd Avenue.  Look for the church with the red doors!

“How can I learn more about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?”  Visit our general church's website—www.disciples.org—or our region’s website—www.alnwfldisciples.org.  Or if you would like to watch the video below.